Kriss Tap - Stop! Police - new modern & reworked version from my old song from the previous project - dj KiKa.



New Dream Trance style song - Children (The First Year of Life).  The song is dedicated to my beloved son Walter his first birthday!

Watch the video here.



New official remix and video - Ilze Kalve - Miljons sapņu (Kriss Tap Remix).  Watch the video here.

Info par relīzi Latviski.



With the premiere of Latvian Radio broadcasts in Latvian Club Music Hour, I presented my new song - Pasaki Onkuliem Ata. Songs were played on 14.01.2011 and 21.01.2011 again, as a weekly audience choice.

Radio broadcasts can listen here.
This song is the Latvian version of the song Everything will be OK.



The new Extended Club Edit of the song - Pallars-Anders visa. The Song have lower BPM, extended length and more energetic club sounds.



New song in Euro-Trance style - Pallars-Anders visa. The melody in this song is from old Swedish traditional song. "Pallars-Anders visa" it's in a Swedish and it means something like "Anders the stealer's song" or "Thief Anders Song"

Video on Youtube.com



Everything will be OK - The new song!



From now, all my songs are available for download in MP3 320 kbit quality!



A new Breakbeat song is released. Check This Out!  Kriss Tap - Ready for Electric Dance (Radio Edit)



New remix  Roberts Lejasmeijers & Candy - Rīts ir tālu vēl (Kriss Tap Club Remix)



New year comes with new song :)  Kriss Tap - Sombre Sky (Flute and Piano 2010 Edit) This is a re-edit version of the song from my previous project dj KiKa.



Two new remixes  PeR - Nevar Būt (Kriss Tap Remix) and Ilze - Turning Me On (Kriss Tap Remix)



Video on Youtube.com - Provincial Disco



I am pleased to announce, after hard work, a new song is released -  The Rising Melody

You can download radio version of the song. [Style: trance, club dance]



Watch my new video on Youtube.com - No Other Atmosphere video.



A new song is released - No Other Atmosphere.



A new remix. Yana Kay - Prikosnisj 2008 (Kriss Tap Remix).

Yana Kay - is one of the top level female vocalist and performer in Baltic States (www.yanakay.com).

This remix is done with an official publisher (music record label DEESELECTA) permission.



dj Kriss Tap in da MIX on RADIO!

GuestMix on RadioShow "ProGrance". Guestmix was played on Radio 1 (Latvia) 15.12.2007, Kurzemes Radio (Latvia) 15.12.2007, Progressive FM (Latvia) 12.12.2007, Cba FM (Argentina) 10.12.2007 and Nu Era Radio (Estonia) 11.12.2007.

Here you can listen the Mix Radio cut or Download (Radio Stream Cut, 30 Mb, 128kbps, 33 min.)



Good news! A new song is released - You Are The One. Let's dance Breakdance :)



Forum has opened. Feel free to leave any comments!!!



New mirrors of songs: 1) myspace.com 2) isound.com 3) mp3.com 4) mp3.com.au 5) iacmusic.com 6) artistlaunch.com 7) ilike.com 8) soundxposure.com 9) music.download.com 10) last.fm 11) soundclick.com



Finally!!! Official domain and new website - www.krisstap.com - WELCOME ;)



NEW SONG. "Provincial Disco" This is remake of the song of legendary group from 80x - ZODIAC. This arrangement is done with an official author and publisher permission.



Finally I am back!!! Quite soon expect new songs.



Kriss Tap demo page first release.